Subway Advertising


Situated on the subway platforms and walkways throughout New York City, vibrant and detailed subway advertising platform posters target key demographics — both multicultural and upscale audiences. These highly visible, clean posters demand attention in an otherwise hectic commuter environment — giving riders the opportunity to break away from their surroundings and to completely absorb your message. Forge new relationships with NYC’s 5 million+ daily riders through thousands of subway platform posters spread throughout the entire subway system.

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Subway advertising with interior car cards allows you to target the vast urban commuter audience, with heightened impact due to the captive nature of transit. These ads take advantage of the morning & evening rush hours, maximizing impressions among diverse ridership demographics including executives, street artists and everyone in between. These ads are sold in showing levels ranging from several hundred in small systems to quantities equal to 1000 car cards in New York City.


With over 175 Subway Clocks strategically located throughout the entire subway system, subway advertising with clocks can easily target key demographics including ethnic and upscale audiences, penetrating major retail and trade zones by effectively utilizing this commuter focal point to develop and strengthen your brand awareness. Subway Clocks are completely unobstructed and located in a clutter-free environment that attracts the eye — developing a connection between your message and the passerby.

How much does it cost to advertise in the New York City Subway? Advertising in the NYC Subway system has a huge range from $500 per poster for platform posters in the outer boroughs to well over $50,000 per 4 weeks for system wide buys. There are many choices, some targeted such as platform posters and urban panels and some system wide such as platform showing levels and interior car card buys.

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