Outdoor Advertising Trends for 2015

Outdoor Advertising Trends for 2015

Digital BillboardOutdoor advertising has been particularly hot in 2015, and part of the reason may be the exciting trends that are hitting the out of home (OOH) advertising arena. The first quarter of 2015 saw nearly a 5 percent jump in OOH advertising over the previous year, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, putting first-quarter revenue at $1.59 billion.


Outdoor advertising trends that may be fanning the flames are those that meet the consumers’ demands for ads that are captivating, customized and capable of grabbing their attention in a crowded and competitive landscape.


Super-Powered Digital Billboards and Signs

While digital billboards have been around for several years, the digital outdoor ads that captured attention in 2013 are not likely to get even a second glance in 2015. Thanks to our largely digital world, people are expecting exciting, compelling and captivating digital everything – not just a digital version of a static ad that was once plastered on a billboard.


They also demand immediacy and custom content, two additional aspects you may see more and more digital outdoor ads provide. Technology on the scene includes:

  • Wireless data connections. Instead of being powered by technology contained within the sign itself, billboards and signs are on the path to being powered by wireless technology. This lets companies change, adjust and control the content from just about anywhere. Think instant updates, real-time updates on the time left on any give sale – or the overall number of burgers sold.  
  • Remarkable high-res.  Outdoor digital LED displays are getting brighter and tighter, with many high-res 10 mm signs now on the market. Such signs are particularly ideal for high-volume pedestrian traffic zones, with a remarkably high reach, resolution and capabilities to create striking, dynamic displays.
  • Customizable content. Take dynamic one step further and you’re treated to digital displays that can be customized to reach your target demographic based on when they’re in the area. Signs can be programmed to change based on expected audiences, weather conditions, scheduled events, holidays or even the ebb and flow of inventory.

Creative Locations

Another trend that keeps growing is creatively located billboards and signs. Mobile outdoor ads are particularly on fire, with ads on taxicabs joined by billboards being hauled by trailers, plastered on trucks and otherwise moving through town and beyond. Mobile ads, digital or otherwise, give companies the opportunity to again reach their demographic while providing a rolling target, so to speak, where even more viewers are privy to their message.


News racks, phone kiosk advertising, benches and other outdoor urban furniture are sizzling locations, as is anything unexpected. Placing ads in areas where people don’t expect to find them are a prime way to grab attention and get a second look. Creative options have included ads on highway tunnel entrances, subway straps, sidewalk and street pavement, on the sides of ships or otherwise peppered throughout the landscape in surprising ways.


Regardless of the location and type of outdoor ad you choose, using the power of technology is an ideal way to ensure your message is dynamic, eye-catching and as personalized as possible. In other words, it’s a prime way to ensure the message is heard.


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