National Parents Union Shines Bright in Time Square!
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If you are looking to share a powerful message with the community, Time Square Advertising provides an experiential opportunity! The National Parents Union displayed a powerful message throughout Time Square in order to draw attention to a current issue. The National Parents Union is a network of highly effective parent organizations from all across the country. They are united behind a set of common goals and principles to channel the power of parents. The National Parents Union family advocates improve the quality of life for children across the United States. These advertisements showed the phrase “Our Kids, Our Voice” in order to make a change for the children of the world. By utilizing the Time Square Trio, their advertisement can be viewed from all directions of 7th Ave. 

National Parents Union Time Square Trio Advertising

Due to the multiple media formats in Time Square, these advertisements are accessible to companies of all sizes. An interesting fact about Times Square is that it only occupies 0.1% of New York’s total land area, however, it generates 10% of the City’s economic output. Additionally, 174 Million people enter in to the Times Square Bowtie annually. 53% of Residents are considered high income, educated young professionals who are progressively early adopters with cutting-edge retail preferences. Lastly, 47% of visitors continue to share on social media after their visit to Times Square. 


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