Maximizing Outdoor Advertising Reach with Mobile

Maximizing Outdoor Advertising Reach with Mobile

Outdoor Advertising Reach with MobileMobile banner advertising brings a 1+1=3 impact to your outdoor advertising campaigns

Outdoor advertising is awesome! It’s big, it’s bold, it’s creative, it’s entertaining and it gets an extreme amount of reach for the cost. It doesn’t have to stop there; there are ways, such as through the use of mobile banners, that you can augment your campaigns and amplify the value of the impressions your brand is getting from your outdoor campaigns.


Imagine you’re in Times Square, checking out the scene. You’re observing all the exciting Times Square advertising. You look up, around taking in all the cool scenery and then look down at your phone. The ads that you’re seeing on the static and digital billboards in Times Square are also mobile optimized and being delivered to your smart phone. You’re impressed! Not only are they delivering to your smart phone but they’re appropriate for your interests because they’re only delivering on websites that are interesting and relevant to you. What a world we live in!

Ok, lets back up a step…

How is this all happening? Advertisers are able to geo-fence (location base) ads to your device based on the websites that you are using IF you have allowed for location-based content to be delivered. The delivery of location-based messaging depend on the current GPS location of your device. The ability to target can be as tight as a small radius around certain coordinates or as broad as a zip code, town, county or state.


Mobile marketing is so powerful for brands that are pursuing an outdoor advertising strategy since the value of the outdoor placements is amplified over and over.


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