KPOP Girl Group MAMAMOO Goes Big With Times Square Outdoor Advertising

KPOP Girl Group MAMAMOO Goes Big With Times Square Outdoor Advertising

MAMAMOO fans use Times Square Advertising to make the band the first KPOP Girl Group on the ABC Supersign in Times Square, NYC. Inspiria Outdoor provided this Outdoor Advertisement and successfully targets thousands of commuters in New York City daily!

The ABC Supersign is located at Times Square Studios on Broadway, also known as the home of Good Morning America, The Ellen Show, ESPN and many more.

The project was organized by their Chinese fans through Fanmaum. Fanmaum coordinates KPOP related support projects including events in Times Square. We presented the ABC Supersign in Times Square and worked together with Fanmaum to make MAMAMOO the first Korean girl group on the digital billboard.

The project was funded by MooMooChina and the Chinese MooMoos. MAMAMOO fans, affectionately known as “MooMoos,” were celebrating the group’s 5th anniversary of their debut. The campaign ran from June 18th to June 20th.

The massive ABC Supersign is iconic for its 9 ribbon display totaling in 4,638 square feet. Make a prominent displays like the ABC Supersign in Times Square apart of your next outdoor advertising (OOH) campaign.

Inspiria is an outdoor advertising agency focusing on everything from airports, buses, commuter rail, subway, taxi and specialty media.

Learn more about our billboard advertisements, whether you want to attract people on key highways, intersections, choke points in major cities or in Times Square!

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