Galleria Mall Advertising


Mall advertising reaches a captive and demographically targeted audience in one of the most effective ways possible. With many consumers visiting their favorite mall multiple times per month or quarter, the impressions your ads will garner makes mall advertising an excellent value.

Top benefits/uses include:

  • Highly Targeted
  • High Dwell Time
  • Consumer Recognition

We cover mall advertising in most major markets across the United States.

Galleria Mall White Plains Advertising


Static ad panels make a bold statement, with prime locations in high traffic corridors and court areas. These dominant backlit displays offer premium visibility within the midst of mall visitor traffic as patrons duck in and out of stores. They are generally the most cost effective way to get share of voice throughout a mall.

Galleria Mall Light Box Ad
Galleria Mall Banner Advertising


Boasting prominent placement and clear sight lines throughout major mall corridors, banners (sometimes called sky banners) ensure considerable visibility amongst a crowded and distracted retail audience. While sizes vary by location, these banners’ level of exposure and power to garner the attention of ideal customers is undeniable.


Located at eye level near highly populated locations such as the food court, these flag pole banners are a way to grab the attention of individuals to become aware of your brand.

Touro College Galleria Mall Banner Advertising


Bring your brand directly to the consumer audience! Experiential marketing allows advertisers the rare opportunity to put their company physically in front of shopping crowds as they amble throughout the mall landscape during each visit. Brand ambassadors amplify this style of experiential display by offering all potential customers the chance to discuss and interact with company representatives, who can answer questions and provide recommendations towards specific products or services.

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