County Legislator Utilizes Billboards To Boost Census Participation

In an effort to count every person in the United States, a census is conducted every 10 years.  Earlier this year, the City of Mount Vernon formally launched its efforts for the 2020 U.S. Census to secure federal funding that directly impacts many city programs, including emergency response services.

The main goal of this initiative is to educate the people on the importance of participating in the Census. County Legislator Lyndon Williams of the 13th District with the help of Inspiria Outdoor executed a billboard campaign in May to boost census participation and get the residents of Mount Vernon counted. Every resident included in the 2020 census means more funding for jobs, housing, healthcare, education, transportation, infrastructure repairs and much more.

These billboards are located in major intersections and offer tremendous visibility to vehicular traffic. By utilizing these boards, Legislator Williams is able to reach a diverse community to help secure necessary funding for programs for the most at risk people.

Check out our Westchester County Census billboard campaign:

Find out how to get counted by visiting :

Port Chester 30 Sheet Billboard Inspiria Outdoor utilizes a Port Chester billboard to recognize local heroes including healthcare and frontline workers across Westchester for their kindness and generosity during the COVID-19 crisis. Located between Abendroth Ave and S Water Street, President and CEO, Ronnie Ram, takes a responsible photo with his mask in front of this large scale board. Many businesses are finding creative ways to thank our healthcare heroes and this billboard is Inspiria’s way of giving thanks to their dedication and hard work to the community.
Inspiria Outdoor is proud to help Westchester County spread the word about the 2020 Census.  If all goes according to plan, Westchester will this year be flooded with reminders to complete the upcoming Census as part of a large effort to increase participation.30 Sheet Port Chester Billboard Census The county-led promotional blitz will target residents via billboard advertising around areas they visit regularly. These billboards began running mid-February in order to reach historically under counted and diverse audiences. This massive public education effort encourages participation among multicultural and hard-to-count populations with ads in English and in Spanish throughout Westchester. Through the use of these strategically placed billboards, the goal of this campaign is to speak to the diverse residents of Westchester about the paramount importance of filling out the Census. Beginning mid-March, households can respond to the census online, by phone or by mail. Find out how to get counted by visiting : 30 Sheet Billboard Port Chester Census
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