5 Awesome Ways to Be Seen in NYC During Fashion Week

5 Awesome Ways to Be Seen in NYC During Fashion Week

Taxi Top Fashion WeekNew York City fashion week is a time for glamor and style. It is the week where your advertisements need to be taken-up a notch, and you truly need to stand out of the crowds. To help you become the name on everyone’s lips, we’ve gathered together a few helpful marketing tactics that will help you not only be seen, but also be remembered during the hustle and bustle of NYC fashion week.

1. Bus Wraps

New York City has approximately 4,373 public buses that serve over 666 million people per year. You can capitalize on the advertising power of a NYC public bus by creating a fashion-week centric bus wrap. Whether you want to sell new products or showcase your company’s services, a bus wrap will help you to be noticed by millions of people before, during, and immediately following fashion week in NYC.

2. Taxi TV & Taxi Tops

NYC yellow taxis transport millions of people on a daily basis. During fashion week, you can strategically place yourself in front of an awaiting audience by creating a taxi TV ad or designing an in-print ad for the top of taxis. With the fashion world abuzz about the latest styles and trends, your ad should speak to your audience’s interests. With a little extra glamor, additional style, and an on-point delivery of current news, your company’s phone lines could soon be buzzing with prospective customers.

{{cta(‘d9bfbf58-f861-428c-b1d2-f7c860dfd72a’,’justifycenter’)}}3. Phone Kiosks

With the abundance of smartphones, the payphone has become practically obsolete. However, in NYC a phone kiosk provides the perfect backdrop for a flashy NYC fashion week inspired advertisement. Through bold colors, a vibrant tagline, and a catchy hashtag to promote social media sharing, your ad could soon become a fashion week success story.

4. Newsstands

During NYC fashion week, millions of people will want to read the latest gossip and discover intel. on the upcoming trends. Strategically placing your latest advertisement in a newsstand can help your business speak to new audiences. Remember, the key to being seen during NYC fashion week is to make yourself easily visible, and what better place to target potential customers than when they are waiting in line to buy the latest NYC fashion week update.

5. Mobile Banners

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again, the key to NYC fashion week marketing is to be easily seen. With this in mind, you can try a digital approach with well-placed mobile banner ads. Fashion blogs, local online publications, and high-end designers will be covering every detail of fashion week. Purchasing a banner ad on one of the aforementioned publications, will help you to place your company’s products or services in front of a wide-spread audience.


If you want to be seen and remembered during NYC fashion week, then your marketing and advertising efforts need to be strategically placed in front of your audience. Bold, vibrant, and glamor-filled advertisements that can be easily seen will help you to take NYC fashion week by storm.



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